This Dublin Bus award recognises and supports ARTzheimer's work in the local community.

Eimear was interviewed for

INTallaght Magazine in May 2016.

The Civic Theatre Tallaght, partners with ARTzheimer's to host our 2017 ARTzheimer's Exhibition. Artistic director, Michael Barker-Caven will also house a permanent ARTzheimer's exhibition in the theatre, after the show.




ARTzheimer’s is a social enterprise with a social mission at its heart. We present the issues of Alzheimer's disease from its present lacklustre social confinement to the vibrancy of mainstream culture.  


Social enterprise is a business model that puts people and community first, ahead of private or personal gain, while operating in a commercially viable and sustainable way. What are Social Enterprises? Social Enterprises are organisations or businesses set up to tackle social, economic or environmental issues.


ARTzheimer's is a movement of sorts. Our aim is to reach the world of indifference regarding Alzheimer's disease and remind people that this world may one day be theirs. We aim to grab the attention of politicians and investors, gathered in the company of civil engineers, architects, artists, visionaries and poets; people who will look beyond the concept of design for warehousing human beings. Our mission is to create social impact that will ripple out into our communities. We do this through the following channels:

  1. ​Annual ARTzheimer's Art Exhibition: To date, we have commissioned over two hundred creative collaborators, both irish and international, with the challenge of expressing Alzheimer's disease through the medium of art. We have showcased ARTzheimer's in five stunning locations throughout Ireland and are currently preparing for our sixth and largest exhibition to date. We believe that these commissioned pieces of artwork will become testimonials that we can eventually take to the world stage as Alzheimer's is a global epidemic.                                                                                                      
  2. ARTzheimer's School's Program: In 2014, ARTzheimer's successfully piloted it's schools program with St. Joseph's primary boys school and Colaiste Bride secondary girls school. To our knowledge, we are the first organisation to have successfully brought the topic of Alzheimer’s disease into a classroom setting. This is something we are extremely proud of and are working hard in the background to bring ARTzheimer's to a national level for all schools to participate in.  


We are a social enterprise with a legal structure of a limited company. We are also a startup company and it will be another two years before we can achieve self-sustainability, which is our ultimate goal. 


We have received a small grant from South Dublin County Council and Clondalkin Credit Union for our ARTzheimer's 2015/2016 exhibition costs.  We are also extremely grateful to the following organisations/businesses who supported our previous art exhibitions; Aras Chronain Arts & Cultural House, St. Catherine's Church in Thomas Street, Dublin 8, The Mexican Embassy of Ireland, Art Source 2015 in RDS Dublin, Tallafest Community Event and finally, The Dingle Brewery. Without your help and support towards our events, it would've made our job that bit harder, so thank you!   

We are however looking for suitable funding and sponsors to help bring ARTzheimer's to fruition and grow our team. To date, most of the people involved in helping ARTzheimer's grow have been volunteers. We do not receive any government funding so all funds raised are much needed and hugely appreciated. 

We are a small but passionate team with huge ambitions and want to make ARTzheimer’s available to every single community & school throughout Ireland. If you would like to chat with us a bit further about ARTzheimer's, please feel free to contact us by email:

ARTzheimer's was awarded the Tesco Community Fund showing how much the Tallaght community want to support this social enterprise.

Art Source is Ireland's premier art fair, showcasing the best of contemporary artists and galleries. ARTzheimer's was invited to take a stand and the public response to the collection was strong.

The Echo Newspaper have been ambassadors for ARTzheimer's since we launched. We are grateful for their regular features and support.

In July 2015, ARTzheimer's was invited by Carlos Garcia de Alba, The Mexican Ambassador to Ireland, to showcase its art collection.

our sponsors & supportERS

Emily O'Reilly, European Ombudsman opened our first ARTzheimer's exhibition in 2014 - she continues to be an ambassador for us.

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Eimear was an invited speaker at Zeminar and took centre stage with Mark Little, Karl Deeter and Christian Tierney. October 2016.