​ARTzheimer's has launched a Fund it campaign. Can you help us to launch our next exhibition in March? Could you donate or share this post?

This is our 6th exhibition - so far we've grown this social enterprise on small amounts of funding and massive dollops of determination and grit! We thank all those who continue to support and believe in our Alzheimer's initiative. You keep us going. Now we are asking you for some financial help.

The money you pledge will have two massive impacts - firstly we''ll get people talking openly about Alzheimer's disease. We want to humanise dementia and highlight better ways to care for those who are touched by this disease. Secondly you will be supporting the immensely talented, diverse group of emerging artists who we've selected for this year's ARTzheimer's exhibition.

Fund it is an all-island crowdfunding website for Ireland’s creative projects, giving everyone the power to help good ideas happen. Fund it is based in Ireland, run by Business to Arts, a not-for-profit organisation working to support resilience and transformation in the cultural sector through research, innovation and partnership.

This illness has and will touch the lives of many of us. Help us to bring about positive changes in the Alzheimer's care system.

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We use art to provoke bold and brave conversations about Alzheimer's.

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Who are we?

ARTzheimer's is an Irish social enterprise set up by Eimear Farrell. We give people permission to talk about Alzheimer's. We use the medium of art and human stories to connect with people. We provoke honest and open conversations that will ultimately lead to change within our care system. We act as a signpost to help families understand the full range of services available to them. 

 We do three things:

  1. We are a public awareness campaign which highlights the many complex issues and consequences for those living with Alzheimer's disease.
    We use art to provoke bold and brave conversations about Alzheimer's.

  2. We educate from the ground up using intergenerational learning.
    We have created school programmes in order to educate the next generation of decision makers. 

  3. We support emerging and established artists.
    We see huge power in combining the arts with a societal issue such as Alzheimer's

Help us to humanise dementia and put people at the centre of our care solutions.

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